How to sand high buildings without scaffolding

VEZOS Handysand wall and ceiling drywall sander is a multi-set up wall and ceiling sander, expanding its length simply by adding or removing extensions.

Due to the Handysand wall sanders ARS Technology (Auto Regulated Suction) the wall sander will adjust the necessary suction force needed and its users will simply drive the tool instead of lifting the weight.
Why waste time waiting for the scaffolding to be set up, why waste money on this when all you need is to add a few extensions to your drywall sander? VEZOS innovates with every tool that is designed, Handysand drywall sander, has been designed to save time &increase profit. Eliminate the cost and save 800€ per job / 250m² and sand amazing heights in no time at all.

Start you Handysand combo line wall & ceiling sander at 97cm set up and simply add main extensions to reach an amazing 7 meters working height. Don't forget the Handysand will grip to the wall/ceiling.

Check out our demonstration video on YouTube and the VEZOS TOOLS channel.

For more information and prices about the Handysand drywall sander, contact us or a distributor close to you.